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 Why invest in the purchase of apartments and houses in Costa Brava
Buying an apartment or a second-hand house to reform in Costa Brava is one of the most common investments. 

Costa Brava is a very exclusive place due to its climate, gastronomy and impressive beaches. Many choose Costa Brava as a second home. 

 One of the most common procedures is to buy a second-hand apartment and reform, there are many advantages, one of them is, we buy at a lower price and by renovating it, it could be sold at a higher price. It is considered a good investment, because it is possible to buy an unreformed apartment for a price lower than 15% than a renovated apartment and 30% lower than the price of a new-build property. 

Another form of investment in these operations consists of obtaining a return on the property by renting during those months that the owners do not take advantage of, thus making a quick profit since there is a high margin. 

Another advantage is that the Costa Brava is in high demand, therefore prices continually increase. 

 So, investment in apartments or a house to reform in Costa Brava is a safe acquisition.



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