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 How to get more space in your house?

The more space we have, the more space we need, right? 

In a home we need space to store all those stuffs that are useful at certain times and we keep them in different parts of the house. 

A house can be large enough or it can be a loft, then we will explain how we can get more space by following a few steps. 

The first steps to follow: 

  1. Let the natural light in to the maximum. We can achieve this by changing the windows for larger ones and if necessary make them opaque to obtain more privacy. 
  2. Eliminate all those unnecessary walls or replace with semi-sliding or separators of natural materials or glass so as not to obstruct the entry of natular light. 
  3. Make open shelves, in this way we get more space for storage. If they are vertically elongated, we will get the feeling of high ceilings. 
  4. Only have those furniture that are necessary and that can be stored inside them. For example beds and sofas. 
  5. Use shelves of colors similar to the tones of the walls, so they will not visually stand out and will not create more volume than necessary. 
  6. Mirrors are a good way to create visual space. If we place it in such a way that we can reflect natural light, apart from illuminating your home more, we will be able to visually expand your home. 

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