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 How to choose tiles for bathrooms

When renovating our bathrooms, tiles are a convenient way to obtain a modern and beautiful finish. 

The tiles are resistant to humidity, comfortable and easy to clean. When choosing the design it is important to plan in advance and pay attention to the quality and characteristics of the place. 

There is a lot of variety of combined designs of different colors, textures, brightness and sizes. 

The first step that must be taken into account is the size and shape of the bathroom that we want to decorate. Depending on its characteristics, if it is large or small, elongated or wide, etc. we will choose one design or another to favor and do it to our liking. A small example, for small bathrooms, it is convenient to use light colored tiles to visually enlarge it or if there are low ceilings, use tiles with elongated shapes. 

Combining different tiles is a very clear way to differentiate area such as the shower area. The design of different tiles and their combination must harmonize with each other to create a beautiful and atmospheric place. 

Light is a key point in the bathrooms, if there is enough natural light, the choice of the colors of the tiles will not be a problem. On the contrary, if we have artificial light, the best tile option would be light colors or white so that it is well lit and provides space, warmth and comfort. 

It is important to look at the type of materials and the quality of the tiles that we are going to use to decorate our bathrooms. We will explain the different types of tiles: 

  • Ceramic: they are the most common, since they are resistant, easy to clean and maintain. The materials of which they are composed are mainly red clay and quartz sand. 
  • Porcelain tiles: unlike ceramic tiles, these are more durable and resistant due to the way they are made. The porcelain ones are made of more refined and purified white clay, obtaining a denser product.
  • Marble: it is basically a natural stone, there are a great variety of tones and it provides the home with a modern and elegant atmosphere. The price will relatively go up compared to porcelain and ceramic tiles. 
  • Glazed: they are recommended for places with high humidity or that are in direct contact with water. They can be found in all kinds of shapes, colors, and designs.
  • Stone: it is a natural material, it no requires hardly maintenance. On the contrary of glazed tiles, the more humid the more they will suffer. By designing with stone tiles we will achieve a rustic style. It is considered as one of the most expensive tiles.

It is important to pay attention to these small details before getting down to work. Now we know a little more, we can decide and make our bathroom to our liking and then enjoy it.


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