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How to increase the value of your property?

Reforming your home or investing in a second-hand one to sell or rent later would be a way to increase its value.

Time passes and people's tastes and comforts change, therefore, it would not be a bad idea to arrange your home to your liking to feel well-being.

A reform does not mean, make complete or partial works but with small changes of furniture and textures to update the decoration we could change the look of the home completely. Depending on the budget we have, the quality of these will depend.

One of the most important characteristics to feel well-being is that the home transmits warmth. This could be the result of mixes of designs that convey comfort, elegance and functionality. The most suitable textures would be natural fibers such as wood, cotton, linen, jute mixed with soft colors of rustic wood and honey.

To give prominence to the walls, we could use stone to decorate walls with more importance or geometric patterns and both with neutral tones, which provide a feeling of tranquility and nature. These could be combined with color details like deep green and deep blues.

For more inspiration, you can see the image on the cover, where we have made a selection of different interior designs with the characteristics previously discussed.
As for the decoration details, so as not to complicate things, the best option is to be minimalist. That is, with little details and not very flashy, with neutral tones accompanied by the style and textures previously mentioned.

What do you think about the comments? Have you stayed with any details?

We believe that the feeling of well-being and warmth transmitted by the set of details and textures of our decoration is one of the most important aspects.


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