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 How to decorate and illuminate a dark room?

The lighting of the house is very important, when choosing your new home it is essential to know its orientation, that is, if it is South, North, East or West to know how sunlight will enter and for how long. It is proven that sunlight influences us positively, helps fight depression and other feelings related to sadness or apathy. In addition, an illuminated home seems larger and the mood will be much more cheerful, relaxing and harmonious. 

So how to naturally decorate a dark room? 

  • First of all, we have to look at the color of the room. For good lighting it is important to choose a light tone such as pastel tones, likewise, with the light that will be reflected throughout the room. To avoid feeling insipid, we can decorate the room with paintings or large photographs but not overfill it, as it will produce the opposite effect. 
  • Artificial light provides us with the necessary brightness in the areas that interest us most. Personally, LED light is inexpensive and perfect for lighting. If we have different light sources, it would be interesting to direct the lights towards dark areas or more interesting places in the room such as a painting, a statue or another. Obviously, the more points of light we have, the more illumination we will have. 
  • Mirrors are another way of providing visual space and light to the site due to the reflection it gives. We can place more than one mirror and in this way bounce the light that enters through the mirror closest to the window, in this way the place will obtain more brightness and natural light.
  • The color of the furniture plays an important role, therefore light and soft colors will prevail when decorating. Adding some sets of furniture with character will give a cheerful touch and focus the attention of our guests.
  • The window is the most important focus for the natural lighting of the room, but it takes a lot of work to enlarge it or change it, but to simplify it and finally provide light to our home, we focus our attention on the curtains, their color and transparency. The more open we have them and they are light and transparent in color, the brighter our corner will have. 
  • Metallic details that we can use as decoration, will provide us with reflections of light and thats how we will make our room seem more illuminated and warm.


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